oxygen generator factory - Oxygen generation method

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2021-05-25

Do you know the main method of taking oxygen from the oxygen producing mechanism? Well, let the manufacturer of our oxygen generator introduce them to you.

The production method of oxygen generator manufacturer is as follows:

1. Membrane separation method - Oxygen Generator Factory

Taking advantage of the transparency and selectivity of some organic polymer membranes, when air passes through the membrane (0.1um) or hollow fiber membrane, the speed of oxygen passing through the membrane is about 46 times that of nitrogen, realizing its separation of oxygen and nitrogen.

This method has the advantages of simple equipment, convenient operation, fast start up and less investment. However, the oxygen concentration is relatively low, typically between 28 and 35 percent, and places with less oxygen purity are usually used.

oxygen generator factory - Oxygen generation method

2. Electrolysis -oxygen generator factory

The principle used is to dilute sulfuric acid, sodium hydroxide or sodium sulfate aqueous solution application of DC, so that water and electricity separation. For every cubic meter of oxygen produced, two cubic meters of hydrogen are produced. However, the amount of power needed to produce 1 cubic meter of oxygen is 12? 15 degrees. It's too big to multiply.

3, Pressure Swing Adsorption - Oxygen Generator Factory

Molecular sieve oxygen generator is an advanced gas separation technology. The physical method (PSA method) can extract oxygen directly from the air, that is, fresh and natural, ready for use. The medical oxygen generator is filled with molecular sieves. The surface area of each molecular sieves reaches 800-1000m2/g under pressurized conditions. Nitrogen in the air is absorbed by the physical adsorption technology and desorption technology of molecular sieves, and oxygen with high purity can be obtained. Molecular sieve oxygen generator is the only mature oxygen generator with international and national standards. And that's what makes the circulating oxygen happen. It's a dynamic process.

4. Chemical methods - oxygen generator factory

Chemical oxygen generation is an oxygen production method that decomposes oxygen and concentrates compounds according to chemical reactions. Although the oxygen generator produced by this method is cheap, the consumption of raw materials for long-term use is relatively large, which will produce relatively high use cost. At the same time, the method has a small production capacity and can not generate a large amount of oxygen. At present, it is only used in the manufacture of portable oxygen generator for small families.

5, Low temperature method - Oxygen Generator Factory

It compresses, expands, and cools the air until it liquefies, then takes advantage of the low temperature (boiling point) difference between oxygen and nitrogen. In a machine rectifier tower, the oxygen is first turned into a liquid and then discharged for air separation. This method is usually provided as large-scale oxygen application equipment, with an investment of more than thousands of cubic meters per hour. A one-time investment is made in the equipment. The gas production time is long, the equipment is complex, the ground area is large, the operator requires high, and the scale is usually relatively large.