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Welcome to Ozonegreenplant

We specialized in the research of Ozone Generator for air purification, water treatment systems design. As the representative enterprise of domestic ozone industry, our company is gradually becoming a global ozone system supplier.

global ozone system supplier-Ozonegreenplant


"Healthy life comes from ozone"


Continuously improve the new ozone technology to achieve efficient sterilization and disinfection using ozone technology around the world. Make it safer, environmentally friendly, and bring real convenience to people's healthy life. Keep viral bacteria away from humans.

Stable Ozone Technology

We always make our best efforts to meet the requirements of customers with our many years' experience, continuing research and technical innovation in Ozone industry.Our R&D engineers focus on continuous improvement and provide leading and stable ozone products and solutions by understanding customer needs.

Ozone Project Solution

In addition to providing stable quality and reliable ozone products and technologies, we also have a team of experinced engineers to timely execute prestigious projects entrusted to us. According to customer needs and our experience, we can give project implementable solutions. According to the cost budget, the best calculation scheme is given, allowing customers to save costs and achieve the effect of engineering treatment.

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