Application of ozone machine in catering oil fume purification and deodorization

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2021-08-26

The ozone produced by the ozone machine has a strong oxidizing property, which can oxidize the oil fume into fine dust, and CO2, H2O, etc. are discharged through the fume exhaust system, and can also oxidize the strong oil fume and peculiar smell produced by catering cooking.

At present, ozone generators have been widely used abroad. The common ozone production methods in oil fume purification treatment include UV-C irradiation and high-voltage corona discharge.

The UV-C irradiation method requires oil fume to pass through the ultraviolet lamp tube. The oil fume and its temperature will have a great impact on the life of the ultraviolet lamp tube, so it needs to be replaced regularly, and the cost is high. At present, UV lamps with relatively stable quality are produced by foreign manufacturers such as the United States and Japan.

The high-voltage corona ozone generator uses a voltage of 3-10KV to ionize O2 in the discharge chamber of the ozone generator, and then combines it into O3. This method has the advantages of high ozone concentration and simple maintenance when used in oil fume treatment. Moreover, the oil fume does not need to pass through the ozone machine itself, and will not affect the life of the ozone machine.

Connect the outlet of the ozone generator to the exhaust pipe through a PVC pipe. If an ESP is installed, the ozone access point is behind the ESP.

A truly complete catering oil fume purification process should include degreasing-deodorizing, the flow chart is as follows.


The following two key points need to be paid attention to in the application of ozone machine in oil fume purification and odor removal.

1. The exhaust air speed of the exhaust system of the catering kitchen. The contact time between ozone and oil fume is not less than 2 seconds. For example, the exhaust air velocity of a kitchen is 3m/s, then the distance from the ozone access point to the exhaust outlet is not less than 6m.

2. The amount of oil fume exhaust. It is necessary to select ozone generators with different output according to different air volumes. If a smoke exhaust system of 5000-6000m3/h needs a 10g/h ozone generator.