Is ozone water drinkable?

Author:Ozonegreenplant Publish Time: 2021-06-10

Ozone is easily soluble in water, in ordinary water to add a certain amount of ozone gas can get ozone water, ozone water is known as "living water ", tap water into ozone water should be standing for 5-10 minutes after drinking, known as" living water ",

Ozone has a strong oxidation, it is because of this reason so used to disinfect, just do ozone water can not drink, will harm the human surface mucous membrane. At present, pure water and mineral water are sterilized with ozone. After adding ozone in the process, it is necessary to wait for 24 hours, and the ozone can be completely digested before drinking.

Another problem is that if the water quality of mineral water is not good, it contains bromide, if the ozone concentration is too high, it will produce bromate (B-class carcinogen), so the mineral water process is completely controlled to the concentration of ozone.

If you are made of pure water ozone water, the next day can be drunk, if you are made of tap water ozone water is not recommended to drink immediately, need to be placed for at least 15 hours before drinking.

Water treated with ozone is called "ozone water". Ozone (O3) is composed of three oxygen atoms, is a strong oxidant, with instant disinfection, bactericidal effect, sterilization rate can reach 99%. Ozone is very reactive and unstable. It turns into oxygen in water in a few minutes. Therefore, ozone treated water should be left for 15 minutes before drinking it.