300G Ozone Generator Tube

high voltage 300G Ozone Generator Tube with High Quality Power Supply

 Features :

1- Honeycomb Structure Design

2- Internal electrode : Imported material of high quality Quartz tube, external electrode : 316L stainless steel Honeycomb tower

3- Cooling way : Water cooling way

4- High O3 concentration : Ozone concentration up to 145mg/l or more under feeding O3 source, feed dry air source, O3 concentration up to 10~15mg/L

5-High Quality Power Supply ensure the service life of ozone system.


300G Ozone Generator Tube consists of three parts: ozone discharge chamber and high voltage package + drive power supply.


Features of 300G Ozone Generator Tube chamber:

the inside of the discharge chamber is combined with multiple groups of discharge tubes, the side is close to the honeycomb structure, commonly known as the honeycomb tube in the industry, the inner and outer electrodes of the discharge tube are both 316L stainless steel, the outer shell is 304 stainless steel, and the dielectric material uses high-purity silica quartz tube 99 . 8%, combined with PTFE and fluorine rubber sealing original parts, the external electrode is water-cooled, and the design service life is more than 50,000 hours.


Composition and characteristics of high-voltage power supply:

military-grade variable-frequency and variable-voltage PCB circuit and vacuum epoxy high-voltage package; main characteristics are: IGBT drive, automatic/manual bandwidth, slow start, (limiting surge current), power supply over-voltage protection power Converter overheating protection, output short circuit, open circuit protection, sound and light warning. Circuit anti-interference, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion design, and can be flexibly adapted to PLC control or different setting functions of power supply voltage according to customer requirements, normal service life is more than 12K hours


300G Ozone Generator Tube Application industry:
Sewage treatment in municipal units,
Large waterworks
Waste odor treatment
Wastewater treatment in garment factories
Wastewater treatment in a pulp mill
Metallurgical industry water
Hospital sewage
Industrial ozone sewage water treatment ozone generator 100g

sewage water treatment ozone generator 100g

300G Ozone Generator Tube


300G Ozone Generator Tube

300G Ozone Generator Tube

Advantages of 300G Ozone Generator Tube

300G Ozone Generator Tube

High quality power supply 

Adjustable ozone output: 20-100%. With short circuit, open circuit, over current protection, adjustable power, normal service life of more than 12000 hours.

PLC controllable power supply : Good heat dissipation,High work efficiency, it can be control by PLC display, Input signal 0.8V~1.2V.

300G Ozone Generator Tube

Honeycomb tube composition

Both the inner and outer electrodes of the discharge tube are 316L stainless steel

300G Ozone Generator Tube

High purity quartz material

The shell is 304 stainless steel, the dielectric material uses high-purity silica quartz tube 99.8%, the PTFE corrosion-resistant material, the external electrode is water-cooled, and the design life is more than 50,000 hours.


Ozone output260~338
Ozone concentration70.4-86mg/m3
Cooling methodWater cooling
Cooling water flow rate1.2M3/MIN
Adjustable range20%-100%
Oxygen flow rate50L〜80L/Min
Output frequency2400Khz
 Ozone tube dimensionφ303*1150

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