600g ozone for Wastewater


  • Strong sterilization and disinfection effect

  • Fast deodorization and decolorization

  • Oxidation and decomposition of organic matter

  • Remove iron and manganese

  • Fast degradation of COD content

The customer bought our company’s 600g ozone generating tube last year and assembled it by ourselves for the treatment of large-scale sewage projects, decolorizing, deodorizing, and degrading COD. Achieve successful experience results. Ozone has been used in many environmental protection projects in water treatment in recent years. Ozone is the most widely used in sewage treatment, and its principle is to use the strong oxidizing property of ozone. After the ozone is decomposed, it will be decomposed into oxygen without secondary pollution.


Ozone application sewage range:

Petroleum sewage/waste water

Industrial waste 

Hospital sewage

Papermaking wastewater

Textile printing and dyeing wastewater

Tannery\Clothing Wastewater

Chemical wastewater

Food sewage

domestic sewage 

Selection ozone type in sewage treatment:

Ozone is generally used in the advanced treatment stage of sewage and is added in the clean water tank or oxidation tank before discharge. Its concentration depends on the composition of the substances in the sewage and the required effect, and is generally determined by a small test. The general dosing concentration without a small test is 10-15mg/L (oxygen source). Because the ozone concentration of each ozone manufacturer is different, the dosing concentration is also different. If the dosing concentration of the air source is increased by 5-10 times, the ozone concentration The higher the oxidation, the better the effect.

Sewage treatment process and Ozone injection method:

Sewage treatment is generally divided into three treatment stages: 1. Mechanical treatment; 2. Biochemical treatment; 3. Deep treatment. Ozone is added in the advanced treatment stage of sewage treatment. In the disinfection pool or clean pool of the advanced treatment stage, the dosing method is to take the water from the pool through the booster pump and the ejector and then return it to the pool to make ozone in the pool. Fully contact with water, prolong the contact time between ozone and water, and separate the excess tail gas. The ozone contact pool is best sealed, and the collected tail gas is discharged to the outdoors through the tail gas port or connected to the tail gas destruction device

Product Selection


  • Ozone can effectively remove COD, anionic detergent and ammonia nitrogen in sewage

  • No storage and transportation links are required, reducing operational hazards

  • Ozone has a good inactivation and lethal effect on microorganisms, bacteria and viruses

  • Oxidative degradation of other pollutants in the water;

  • It can also improve the water quality of the water body and is the cleanest disinfectant

Products for Air Treatment

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Air Treatment

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We Ozonegreenplant ,Professional Supplier of Ozone generator technology in Water and Air system.All our products have passed CE certification and obtained export qualifications. Engineers with more than 10 years of relevant ozone industry experience, successfully serving Industries viz., Agriculture, Aquaculture, Education, Hospitality, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverages, Consumer & Government Projects etc., Our products are exported to 50+ countries.The quality and stability of the products are well received by customers.We will continue to improve the quality of products and maintain stability.
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