60g ozone for cold storage


  • Quickly inhibit bacterial growth

  • Delay the maturation process

  • Extend the shelf life

  • Effectively deodorize

  • No residual pollution

Korean customer bought a 60g ozone generator sample for cold storage preservation in May. After adding ozone, the fresh-keeping effect is very good. In July, 5 60g ozone machines were added. The following is a picture of the on-site use of the ozone machine sent by the customer, with 5 air ducts leading to 5 cold storage rooms. Since the ozone machine cannot be placed in the cold storage, the humidity of the cold storage is too high, which will affect the oxidation and life of the ozone machine. Therefore, it is recommended to place it outside the warehouse to extend the life of the machine.


The application of ozone in the storage of bai vegetables and fruits, in addition to du has the effect of killing or inhibiting the growth of mold and preventing rot, it also has the effect of preventing aging and keeping fresh. The mechanism is: Ozone can oxidize and decompose the ripening agent that is decomposed by the breathing of fruits and vegetables-ethylene gas C2H4. The use of ozone should be combined with packaging, refrigeration, and air conditioning to better improve the preservation effect.

 Ozone has been used in storage and preservation abroad for nearly a hundred years. The process and application of O3 for food storage were first adopted in Japan, Germany and other countries. According to a Kuprianoff report in 1953, ozone was used for meat cold storage in Cologne, Germany in 1909. This is the earliest known example of ozone as a food preservative. In 1924, Hautman "Ozone successfully prevented the growth of bacteria during refrigeration" (P.724), "When eggs are stored at a relative humidity of 88%-90%, ozone prevents the formation of mold" (P.725). Hartman concluded that ozone "has many uses in cold storage, with rapid changes and obvious results" (P.725). In the late 1930s, 80% of refrigerated egg warehouses in the United States were equipped with ozone generators.

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